Living in the Anointing, Relying on the Truth - Part 2

Welcome to the next part of our journey of Living in the Anointing and Relying on THE Truth! If you participated with us in part one, as we highlighted the entire Bible chronologically, you have, without a doubt, learned some new things, been reminded of old truths, and have hopefully cultivated a daily habit, and ultimate love, of getting into God’s Word.

As we dive right back into our daily practice for part two, we are going to be traveling through the entire Book of Psalms. The Book of Psalms is the longest book in the Bible with its 150 individual Psalms. A psalm is a prayer, poem, or hymn that focuses the worshipper’s thoughts on God in praise and adoration. There are different kinds of psalms recorded in this book, such as psalms of praise, wisdom, lament, and poetry, all written by multiple authors like David, Solomon, Asaph, and many others.

As we make our way through this book, we will discover many emotions, feelings, and positions of the author’s heart. But, although the author may be going through a vast array of situations, one thing will remain constant. God is the same Lord in all the psalms. It is we, who respond to Him in different ways, depending on our mood or situation. But what a marvelous God we worship; A God that is high and lifted up beyond our human experiences, but also close enough to touch and who walks beside us along life’s way.

We can bring all our feelings to God—no matter how negative or complaining they may be—and we can rest assured that He will hear and understand. The psalms teach us that the most profound prayer of all is a cry for help, as we find ourselves overwhelmed by the problems of life. While we discover this early “songbook” of the church, let us be reminded of the consistency of the God that we serve.

We’ll begin on, Monday, April 5th and finish on Thursday, June 3rd . Our hope and prayer is that this will help each and every one of us to continue developing that habit of reading God’s Word, and maintaining the spiritual health of our relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Have fun with it, share it, enjoy it, but most of all, let us take the opportunity afforded to us, to learn more about God and His truth. 

Reading Plan

January 18, 2021

Digital Read Along

Weekly Thoughts

Week 17 (5/9-5/15)


  1. This week, we again find ourselves being introduced to a few more authors of the Psalms. Who are these new folks that we encounter?
  2. According to Psalm 100, how are we supposed to serve the Lord and come before Him?

(Trivia answers are always posted on the community page. See link above)


  1. Have you ever thought of why going to church is so important? The Word of God tells us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves (Heb 10:25), but the importance of church attendance is so much greater than that. Psalm 84 gives us a little insight. When we come together, whether in large groups or small, the fellowship of fellow believers leads us to be encouraged, strengthened, and allows us to bear one another's burdens. We are to love one another, support one another, and serve one another. It is a blessing to come together, in unity, seeking the Father and worshipping Him in spirit and in truth. What a privilege, and blessing, it is to have a place to come together, as the family of God, and lift up a unique offering of praise to our Lord and Savior!
  2. Eternity, forever, without time....this is a hard concept to grasp sometimes. It may be easier for us to understand eternity never ending, but the harder thing is to understand that God never had a beginning. He has always been in eternity past, and He always will be. Psalm 90 expresses this sentiment, and offers a prayer that we all should strive to offer: Teach us to number our days (Ps 90:12). We are all given a specific allotment of time on this earth, but do we always use that time for the wisest things? The Lord wants to use us to further His kingdom, but sometimes we aren't always good stewards of the time God has given us. Take a look at the way you are using your time. There is nothing wrong with times of rest and relaxation, but there are also times for work. Let's strive to do what we can for the Lord, today. This is the day, the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! (Ps 118:24)


  1. It's been a little bit since we have tried to memorize some scripture. Let's go for Psalm 100 that is mentioned above. It's five verses, and they are a very important reminder for us whenever we come to worship, whether that's into church or into our prayer closets in our homes. They're good scriptures to have in the memory arsenal.
  2. Let's continue our prayer this week by praying prayers of consecration. Jesus, the night before His death, prayed such a prayer. This type of prayer is a time for us to set ourselves apart specifically for God's will. Let's seek together the will of God for our lives and ask God to use us for His purpose and His glory. Take time to set yourself in the mindset of "not my will, but thine be done".