Living in the Anointing, Relying on the Truth

Thank you for choosing to participate with us in learning more about THE truth. By reading from His Truth, the Word of God, this plan is designed to allow us to read through the key stories of the Bible in chronological order.

From Adam and Eve, to the New Testament Church, this reading plan will introduce us to the major people and events of the Bible. It begins with creation, covers the birth and history of Israel, and ends with the prophetic words of The Revelation. It is all broken down into daily, easily readable portions.

We'll begin on, Monday, January 18 and finish on Thursday, April 1, which allows a few days for reflection before celebrating Easter and the resurrection of our Lord. Our hope and prayer is that this will help each and every one of us to develop a daily habit of reading God's Word, while cultivating a closer relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Have fun with it, share it, enjoy it, but most of all , let us take the opportunity afforded to us, to learn more about God and His truth.

Reading Plan

January 18, 2021

Digital Read Along

Weekly Thoughts

Week 7 (2/28-3/6)


  1. What was the name of the man who was the grandson of King Jehoiachin, born in Babylonian captivity, allowed to travel to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple, ancestor of Jesus, and also became the governor of Judah?
  2. What event led to the promotion of Daniel, and his friends (who we know would later be tried by fire), that allowed them to rule over much of Babylon?


  1. Jeremiah gave God the excuse, although possibly in sincerity, that he could not be used to speak for God because of his age. God then showed him how He knew Jeremiah before he was born and whatever Jeremiah needed to accomplish that task, the Lord would provide. What task has God instructed you to do and are you making excuses, or are you relying on Him to provide what is needed? The Lord requires our effort, He supplies the resources.
  2. Just like the prophets, Esther was given a specific mission to fulfill. Her cousin Mordecai, who was a father figure to her, told her that she was put in her position for "such a time as this". Look at your life and your surroundings. You have been ordained by God to be in your life at this moment for such a time as this. With this in mind, what is your specific mission? What is your task?


  1. Search your heart and spend time praying for God's strength and boldness. It should be our desire to not just live for Christ, but be willing, if necessary, to go to the lengths that Daniel, the Apostles, and so many others have been willing to go. Pray that God will give you the faith needed to withstand opposition and the courage to hold fast in the faith.
  2. As we close out the Old Testament and head into the New Testament next week, share with someone in your life what you have been doing here, and share with them why you have chosen to dedicate so much time to digging for the truth of God's Word.