Living in the Anointing, Relying on the Truth - Part 2

Welcome to the next part of our journey of Living in the Anointing and Relying on THE Truth! If you participated with us in part one, as we highlighted the entire Bible chronologically, you have, without a doubt, learned some new things, been reminded of old truths, and have hopefully cultivated a daily habit, and ultimate love, of getting into God’s Word.

As we dive right back into our daily practice for part two, we are going to be traveling through the entire Book of Psalms. The Book of Psalms is the longest book in the Bible with its 150 individual Psalms. A psalm is a prayer, poem, or hymn that focuses the worshipper’s thoughts on God in praise and adoration. There are different kinds of psalms recorded in this book, such as psalms of praise, wisdom, lament, and poetry, all written by multiple authors like David, Solomon, Asaph, and many others.

As we make our way through this book, we will discover many emotions, feelings, and positions of the author’s heart. But, although the author may be going through a vast array of situations, one thing will remain constant. God is the same Lord in all the psalms. It is we, who respond to Him in different ways, depending on our mood or situation. But what a marvelous God we worship; A God that is high and lifted up beyond our human experiences, but also close enough to touch and who walks beside us along life’s way.

We can bring all our feelings to God—no matter how negative or complaining they may be—and we can rest assured that He will hear and understand. The psalms teach us that the most profound prayer of all is a cry for help, as we find ourselves overwhelmed by the problems of life. While we discover this early “songbook” of the church, let us be reminded of the consistency of the God that we serve.

We’ll begin on, Monday, April 5th and finish on Thursday, June 3rd . Our hope and prayer is that this will help each and every one of us to continue developing that habit of reading God’s Word, and maintaining the spiritual health of our relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Have fun with it, share it, enjoy it, but most of all, let us take the opportunity afforded to us, to learn more about God and His truth. 

Reading Plan

January 18, 2021

Digital Read Along

Weekly Thoughts

Week 14 (4/18-4/24)


  1. How does a good man determine his "steps" or his direction for his life? When the good man follows those steps, what is his reaction?
  2. Where did David find himself, in Psalm 40, waiting patiently and therefore being rescued from?


  1. David opens Psalm 34 with declaring his worship practices. David found it important to continually give thanks and to have a heart posture of worship and adoration toward God. He then follows it up with instructions to taste and see that the Lord is good. David knew that if anyone was to even give God a try, they would find Him to be good. Obviously, if you are participating with this reading plan with us, you have made a decision to give God "a try" at the very least. What have you found God to be? Is He the God that you thought He was? Is He different? One thing is certain. God is good! We can all find something in our lives that is a blessing from God. Upon discovering this, we can be led to the same heart posture as David, and we will begin to bless the Lord at all times.
  2. Often David pours out his heart to God and shows real raw emotion, which is something we don't see very often today, because we try to hide and maintain a level of "normalcy". However, in Psalm 42, David is going through distress, depression, and despair. Even though we try to put up a good front for those around us, there are times when our lives seem to be crumbling and we are distressed and filled with despair. David ends his personal pep talk with one encouragement... Hope. We would be wise to focus on the same thing. As children of the Most High, we have hope! Hope for the future. Hope for eternal life. Hope in a God that will never leave us nor forsake us. This hope is not a wish or a maybe it will happen kind of hope. This is a "I know this will happen" and "look forward to" kind of hope. Take encouragement from the promises of God. His promises are yea and amen (2 Cor 1:20). What He says, He will do. What He promises, will come through. In those times of turmoil, remember, we can hope in God!


  1. We find ourselves a couple of weeks into this part 2 already. How are you making out? Make it a conscience effort this week to catch up if you have fallen behind. If you catch up now, that will be less behind you will get down the road. If you are all caught up, keep on keeping on!
  2. Let us take this week to spend some time in earnest prayer, together, for some specific things. Let's pray for those who have authority over us as the Bible has instructed us to do (1 Tim 2:1-4), so that we may live peaceably and in all godliness. Let's start with our Pastor, for strength and guidance. Let's pray for the heads of our households, for Godly decision making and wisdom. And finally, let's pray for our government officials over us, on both sides of the aisle. Let's pray first for their salvation, second for wisdom, and lastly for courage to do what is right and holy in the sight of God. As we pray for others, God will bless us in the process with His grace and His mercy.