How Long Is Service Usually?

  • We try never to put a time limit on God and allow Him to bless His people in His time. However our services typically run on an average of one hour.

It's my first time, where do I go?

  • First, welcome. Next, just come in the front doors under the carport and someone will be glad to help you locate the Sanctuary and any necessary facilities.

What is the service like?

  • We encourage worship with congregants of all ages. Keeping that in mind, we have a diverse selection of traditional hymns to newer contemporary worship songs. Normally, worship is followed by the preaching and teaching of the Word of God, and all service activities are based on the instruction of scripture.

How do people normally dress?

  • Officially, we have no dress code. But as with everything else in our lives, we believe God deserves our best. We want you to be comfortable to worship, but we also want to be respectful to a Holy God. If that's a suit and tie for you, go for it. If that's a pair of jeans, feel free. We're not here to be fashion critics, we just want to present ourselves in a manner that God would be pleased with.